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15 03 18

Diseased screams

Disease creams.

Yelling can be fun. Screaming can be fantastic. Letting it all out in a primal roar, putting your dominance as an animal on display. Good for the soul, you know? Sadly, I don’t know proper screaming technique. Trying to push my decibels higher than they go without effort made me mess up my throat real good. So good, it made me sick.

Or, well, it gave me a very sore throat. And coincidentally, at the same time, I started developing symptoms of the common cold. The nasty thing probably found a way in through my weakened airway, seeing an opportunity to strike. Well, strike it did. I’m not sure it’s peaked yet.

But a cold won’t kill you. Shouldn’t, at least. Eventually my body will make it a part of itself. Assimilate.
~ Fang


  • 16/03/2018 (2:21 AM)

    There’s that whole scream therapy thing. Lennon did it and it’s what tears for Fears wrote “Shout” about (seriously…).

    It’s supposed to make you stronger mentally, I guess, but maybe weaker physically, apparently…

    Hope you’re back to 100% soon!

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