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25 03 18

Config magic

I haven’t actually been very pro-active about configuring keybindings in applications.

When you’re not using qwerty, the default shortcut keys can be pretty bad. Sometimes you get lucky and they correspond to the actions they’re bound to, like “n” for “next”. Other times, though, they’re bound based on their position on the keyboard and how they relate to one another. If you don’t use the keyboard layout they were designed for, the bindings will seem all over the place.

For those reasons, it’s great if applications and websites allow you to change the keybindings yourself. Get that setup however best suits you and your hands. In simple cases, you might even be able to get away with configuring a one-handed scheme. Especially useful in places where you also still want to use the mouse often.

There’s also situations in which you’re just stuck with the defaults. Always sad.
~ Fang

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