Fang Talks

31 03 18


It’s always fun playing games at a friend’s place.

First and foremost because video games make for great bonding experiences. But secondarily, because you may get to try out games you haven’t ever played yourself. Case in point: I played a shooter today and actually had fun!

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30 03 18

All in one

The package is nearly complete!

Did another cleanup pass, generalized some logic, renamed some things, wrote some more tests. The smart contracts are shaping up to be actually very close to space-grade code. All that remains is merging existing documentation into code comments, and expanding on them… a lot.

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The universe could’ve been so perfectly frozen, forever 0K.

Alas, that’s not how it is. In fact, time has become so notoriously pervasive that it even affects our logic. I really wish it didn’t, because testing time-based logic is such a pain in the ass. For starters, they may take a bunch of time to run. Luckily in my situation it was possible and actually an improvement to make the timing windows flexible, so that tests only take thirty seconds to run instead of two months.

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28 03 18

Email is shit

God I fucking hate computers, someone hold me.

I’m having the worst experience trying to interface with Gmail right now. After enabling two-factor authentication on my account, my email client’s connection to it broke. Fair, it needs to get in on that extra factor after all. But then when I got that set up after two attempts, the connection started randomly dropping?

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27 03 18

Torn pages

Scattered and lost.

A little while ago I ran into some blog. Just an average nondescript Blogspot blog. I remember it though, very distinctly even, because of its content. It had just a single post in which the author announced the start of this particular blogging adventure, and wondering how long they’d be able to keep it up. That was the only thing they had written, and it was four years old.

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