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get rekt
03 02 18

Timed showman

If only I had had two more minutes…

Things didn’t start off too great. I came in during a timeslot they had dedicated to hardware testing. Couldn’t get my machine to play nicely with the projector for some reason, an of course they’re just running a Linux on the provided laptop, so I had to settle for presenting with a PDF. There goes all the time I put into animations and making them look all slick. SO right off the bat, I was missing that special touch, that bit of polish that’s sadly all too rare.

The presentation itself went kinda alright though. Lost like a minute in total to microphone issues and one snag in my memory that took me a handful of seconds to recover from. And even before my time was up they were showing me the sign for it, because I hadn’t told them I wasn’t planning on taking questions. I had to rush through the last section a bit, skip a slide. Resulted in a complete package that was a bit unbalanced in the “explaining the problem” direction.

But one person came up to me afterwards to ask a few questions! So I think I’ve achieved my goal, to get at least one new person interested in the project. Got their business card, so I’ll definitely be in touch with them.

All in all, not too bad, and I know what to improve on for a possible next time.
~ Fang

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