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28 02 18

The fall

It makes your body make you scream.

You know those moments when you’re about to fall asleep, but for some reason think about tripping and falling, and you jolt awake with the force of more adrenaline than you ever recall feeling? How about that extra step at the bottom of a staircase that you didn’t know was there? Or when your adjustable chair suddenly drops the tiniest bit?

The thing you feel when that happens it how you know we’re hard-wired to not die by falling. Not hitting our heads on the ground is important enough for the strongest call to action our bodies can give us. And for good reason! Our evolutionary advantage is up there, and it really doesn’t perform well under high impact.

…Maybe that’s over-analyzing simple reflexes a bit, but one thing is certain: it used to help us survive.
~ Fang


  • 01/03/2018 (2:39 AM)

    Maybe when our ancestors were out hunting in groups for hours and hours on end, they’d tend to fall asleep on their feet. Only the ones who didn’t fall into the river lived to reproduce.

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