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06 02 18


He did it again, the absolute madman.

SpaceX did another cool thing today. Launched a big-ass rocket and made it perform some neat tricks. Perhaps most significantly, it carried a load twice as heavy as the next strongest rocket can, and did so for half its cost. Oh, yeah, and it also put a car into orbit around earth.

It was really cool watching the two side boosters of the rocket making a synchronous descent and landing. Saw that live, too, which made it all the more exciting. Sadly, the core booster didn’t have as smooth a return, and it ended up in the water, next to the drone boat. Considering most of their first-try test launches tend to end in explosions though, this is a pretty good result.

Maybe I really should start saving up to go to Mars someday.
~ Fang


  • 07/02/2018 (2:23 AM)

    You might! The space thing seems to have been largely privatized at this pojnt, so for the time being space exploration per se is probably mainly going to be limited to unmanned sorts of things… but private industry is doing well at paving the way to some potential tourism.

    Maybe not in my lifetime, but certainly in the lifetime of many of those alive today.

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