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17 02 18

Spirit animal

“Cartoon Character X is my spirit animal.”

People say it unironically, too. Isn’t that kind of amazing? Not the weird social norms that led to that being a sane thing to say, but rather the fact that people can legitimately identify with fictional characters — even shitty ones at that — and feel a deep bond with them over that.

I guess that’s a testament to the quality of the character writing some artists manage to do? That’s definitely something else, especially when the character in question isn’t getting a ton of screen-time.

But it’s also interesting to see how easily and sometimes superficially people get attached to simplistic representations of traits they identify with. “That dog fell asleep mid-play? Literally me!” Usually this doesn’t count for anything, but it seems some can find comfort in this.

The dead fly in your windowsill right now is my spirit animal.
~ Fang

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