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21/01/2011 never forget
07 02 18

Release never

Ah, good ol’ permanent alpha.

Some projects seem to never get finished, do they? Even if work continues, they’ve long lost sight of any kind of end. And if the “unfinished” version’s already out, then hey, maybe that’s the right way to go. Lots competitive games just see update after update. They have to keep it fresh. But if the project isn’t even available yet… maybe it’s time to lay down a stricter roadmap.

There’s so many great games I’d love to play that just don’t seem like they’re going to see the light of day anytime soon. Miegakure looks like a really fun puzzler, but I recall learning about it like five years ago. Supposedly development continues, but does that really mean anything when there’s no release in sight?

I mean, even Overgrowth eventually got a proper beta release, so maybe there’s still hope…
~ Fang

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