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24 02 18


Waiting for their time.

I’d say my music library’s pretty big. 663 albums by 495 unique artists, spanning 33 years of musical history across 103 arbitrarily-assigned genres. A little over 160 GBs of waveforms for a total of 22 days of playtime. Hmm, I guess I could listen to all that in about two months. Might make for a fun experiment.

But then there’s this big-ass folder with music that I haven’t yet properly added to my library. It’s tough to get accurate statistics on it, since it’s not indexed in any relevant way, but there’s nearly a thousand albums in there. They’re sitting pretty and taking up a good 550 GB on one of my hard drives. Ouch.

I’m slowly working to get all of that added into my music library manager, but it’ll definitely take a while. Why not dump them all in at once? I’m a bit particular when it comes to tagging and categorizing my library. Smart playlists are really only worth something when you have the meta-data to back them up, and I want to make sure that’s correct and up-to-date for all songs I keep in there. Dumping them all in would be an organizational nightmare.

So, uh, who knows where this’ll be in a year.
~ Fang


  • 25/02/2018 (2:24 AM)

    Between my old cassettes, CDs, and digital downloads, I really don’t know how many albums I have. But it’s been gradual. The problem I have with things like spotify or even bandcamp is that there’s so much that I can’t make sense of it all.

    I need to limit how much I expose myself to so that I can give each album a chance.

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