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I mean, sort of. It’s not strictly a queue either. But you can’t “pop a list”, and the alternatives don’t sound as cool.

The FOSDEM presentation got off my to-do list last weekend. Now I’m closing in on a final implementation for a new feature I’ve been working on. I’ll be able to take that off the list soon too! Or, well, soon. Last time it took nearly a week to move it from “nearly done” to “done”, but I made sure to do more discussion up-front this time, so hopefully it’s not that bad again.

Once I strike that item off I’ll again be able to move onto the next. It’ll be the second-to-last on my short-term work list. On the one hand, I’m excited to pick something to work on when that list becomes empty, or maybe even just do teeny tiny janitorial-esque tasks for a day or two. On the other hand, I realize full well that by the time I get those two items done, there will be two new ones waiting for me.

I wonder what they’ll be!
~ Fang

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