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13 02 18

Perceived effort

Doing a thing now is many times harder than doing it somewhere down the line.

Strangely enough, that still holds true if doing the thing now saves you from doing it multiple times later on. This is, of course, the enemy of process improvement. Why spend effort on doing things differently when the old method Just Works? Because it saves you so much time in the long run is why, but good luck telling yourself that when you’re hitting snag after snag trying to get the new way to work.

Process improvement will happen eventually anyway, right? And it’s not like you were going to get huge gains from it for this particular situation, right? Someone will figure out the best way later, surely. …But who knows when that’ll be.

I want to be better about staying on top of my process-improvement game, but the challenges that come with it have to weigh up against the urgency of the things I’m working on…
~ Fang

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