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09 02 18


And just like that, we have a little bit more order in our lives.

Issues have been piling up in the code repository for Urbit’s operating system. After moving over a bunch of misplaces ones, we ended up with well over a hundred open issues. And there’s more coming every day! That’s a ton of things to sift through if you’re looking for a specific kind. GitHub allows you to label issues arbitrarily, but we weren’t really making use of that. Weren’t.

Today a colleague and I finished labeling every single open issue! That was a ton of work, took us a few hours spread out over a few weeks, but we got there. It’s now easy for contributors to find things to pick up by looking for the “good contributor issue” and “difficulty low” labels, and internally we can more easily find important things to work on, like “priority high” issues. And if I’m ever doing a pass over part of the system, I can use its label to see what needs some extra attention.

Hopefully this will be a small boots to productivity and community engagement!
~ Fang

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