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11 02 18

Older tools

I ran into a screenshot of a GameBoy game I loved today, and it made me nostalgic for old video games.

And so I poked around looking at old video games. Before I knew it, I found myself on forums scrolling through lists of ROM hacks of those games. And, what’s this weird feeling it gave me? This very strong sensation, warning me that I’m really never going to act upon this sudden and probably short-lived interest?

Yet, I couldn’t help but look at what tooling’s available for making your own GameBoy games these days. Surprisingly, it’s no longer required you write the fucking assembly by hand. There’s compilers! Hell, it seems they even have libraries for you to use if you want to interface with obscure hardware, like the printer you could buy for the handheld.

Even cooler is that there’s actually still a somewhat active community of devs making games for the 20 years old device.
~ Fang

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