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10 02 18

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It’s not every day that Pink Floyd gives a concert in your home town.

So we’re lucky that cover bands occasionally do, apparently! We decided it might be fun go to and see this with the family. It’s music from my parents’ times, and it’s not bad music either. Of course cover bands can be a kinda hit or miss sometimes, but Pink Project has apparently been going at it for over twenty years now.

And they sure did put on a show! A band of ten filled in spots on the stage as appropriate, and the light- and media-show backing them was really well put together. And you really can’t say anything bad about them when they say “okay one more song” in response to “encore” chants, only to really stretch their overtime with three more songs. Keep in mind that most of these aren’t your typical four-minute songs either.

Great show, would jam out to again.
~ Fang

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