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20 02 18

Never stable

God sometimes I wish we could just not push updates out onto the live network.

I mean, we need to, and we totally can. That’s super cool. Sadly, we don’t yet have the tooling to properly test this, meaning there’s always at least some amount of finger-crossing happening whenever we send out an update. It doesn’t have to be this way forever, but it is how it is right now. Tough luck.

Problem with that though is that it’s making us (or me, at least) more hesitant to push changes onto the network. The last handful of times it hasn’t been as pleasant an experience as it could be, which has conditioned me to fear updates and feel anxious around them.

Honestly this continuity era is just kind of funky in general. Some critical functionality borked early on, and we’re basically just biting all the bullets that loaded into the “can you fail gracefully” gun.

Breach when?
~ Fang

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