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12 02 18

Marathon Runners

If you’re not one of them, running a marathon is super impressive.

But then you have that small group of people that runs marathons as a fun weekend activity. They’d run two back-to-back if they didn’t have to be home in time for dinner. Absolute beasts, primal forces of endurance they are. Running and running for hours on end. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of them have their pace in sync with their heart beats.

There’s something really admirable about that, honing your body to excel at the thing humans are naturally disposed to: endurance. But then, there’s also sources that indicate putting that much continuous strain on your body isn’t that great an idea? We’re expected to last beyond our 20’s, 30’s in this day and age, and any wear on your body will likely stay until the end of your time.

I do definitely want to be able to run ten kilometers though. That should be fairly safely attainable.
~ Fang

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