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[devving intensifies]
16 02 18

Into the abyss

I’m started working on the (for now) last big item on my stack!

That’s great, and it’s actually a really exciting little project, too. Getting Urbit to connect to Ethereum, and using that for key discovery. We can hack it in for now. See what we learn in the process, and make it perfect when we integrate with the new networking module later on. Thing is, the Urbit standard library doesn’t support quite everything it needs to just yet.

Something I’m missing for the work I’m doing is a sha-3 hashing function. More generally, a Keccak implementation. That’s almost straight crypto, I don’t know that stuff at all. And implementing it myself is… an interesting challenge.

Doing bytestring encoding for the function call arguments, sure, that’s manageable. These not-actually-complex-just-super-dense hashing functions though? It takes me forever to grok what they’re supposed to do, let alone how to neatly implement that.

Still, I wasn’t going to improve in this field if I just didn’t bother, so I’ll be bothering myself with this for a handful days.
~ Fang

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