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15 02 18

From the spec up

Currently working on writing some Ethereum things on top of Urbit.

And these are all neatly standardized things, of course. Can’t have a functioning ecosystem without a document that lays down the law of how things are done. Thing is, I didn’t look at that document at first. Figured some actual code might help me out more. But by god have I ever been wrong!

The implementation for encoding data in the most popular library had me running around its codebase trying to figure out what exactly it was doing and why. Only after that started giving me headaches did I try looking up the specification itself. And it was so short and simple!

What’s more, it freed my mind from thinking in the library’s terms. Many lines of JavaScript can be only a handful in Hoon, if only you can change the way you think about the logic. Before I knew it, I had something going that could replicate examples!

I also ended up discovering an error in the documentation that has been there for three years? I’m 99% sure it’s actually wrong, and wonder how nobody noticed.
~ Fang

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