Fang Talks

Praise be to ~zod.
Your head was spinning. It was just too much. Time to get away from it all.

The thumping of your frustrated heart made place for the thudding of your shoes on the rocks, into the dirt. No more complications, just the peace and calm and soothing silence of a walk in nature. Soon enough your racing mind, too, quieted down, until it was just the drumming of your steps.

And then you stood still. Held your breath, listened. Not a sound, briefly, but your ears refused to stand that for long. Increasingly sensitive, you could hear a woodpecker in the distance, the gentlest breeze over the treetops, leaves tapped by a rabbit’s foot. The trees sighing, perpetually.

You looked around. Your neck sounded like a grindstone, loudly disturbing. Not a moving thing in sight. But, as your ears again stressed over their insatiable hunger for sound, they picked up on something. Mumbling, giggling, whispers not aimed at their recipient but at you. Threats, growls, horrid screeching. The breaking of bones, the beating of hearts, the flowing of blood and a monstrous breath.

You picked your pace back up. Best to keep the rhythm going.

~ Fang

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