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22 02 18

A new age

A scheduling issue caused yesterday’s post to not get sent out on time. Apologies to the zero people who were waiting on it.

So, we actually did it, we shut the Urbit network down and started booting it back up to usher in a new era. Everything is shiny and snappy again, let’s see how long we can keep it that way. We’ve definitely been a tad to casual about pushing changes to the network, so we’re going to make a serious effort to be more vigilant about proper testing and what have you.

That’s really the best we can do for now. Process, process, process. We want to have better testing tools, but getting that off the ground takes a fair bit of time and effort. It’s surprisingly though to balance that out against the many other things that are also high priority.

But hey, if we do over-the-air updates less frequently, we’ll also have to go through the testing process less frequently. So that’s… something.
~ Fang

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