Fang Talks

28 02 18

The fall

It makes your body make you scream.

You know those moments when you’re about to fall asleep, but for some reason think about tripping and falling, and you jolt awake with the force of more adrenaline than you ever recall feeling? How about that extra step at the bottom of a staircase that you didn’t know was there? Or when your adjustable chair suddenly drops the tiniest bit?

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27 02 18


Maybe I’m not sleeping right. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

I mean, the actual rest I get is fine. I don’t feel super tired. Which is surprising, because when I woke my neck was uncomfortable enough to keep me from falling asleep again. And now, sitting at my desk, that whole upper torso area isn’t feeling too great.

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26 02 18


It’s been a while since I’ve been stuck this long.

Well, it’s not necessarily stuck, hopefully the things I’m doing mark tiny steps of progress towards the end goal, but it definitely feels almost slower than standing still. I’m trying to implement a cryptographic hashing function on Urbit, but it’s… not going super well. Got the entire thing more or less done, but it’s incorrect.

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Less than lesser demons, yet all the more common.

The average home is full of them. Garden variety demons, minor ones, all wreaking their own kinds of havoc. Fuun-faal let the wind seep through the walls, keeping theirs hosts chilly in summer and winter. Sreen maintain a constant flow of water through a house’s pipes, the dripping of faucets is never-ending.

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24 02 18


Waiting for their time.

I’d say my music library’s pretty big. 663 albums by 495 unique artists, spanning 33 years of musical history across 103 arbitrarily-assigned genres. A little over 160 GBs of waveforms for a total of 22 days of playtime. Hmm, I guess I could listen to all that in about two months. Might make for a fun experiment.

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