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Many of his kind had the power. Few had the recklessness to mess something up.

Some Urbit infrastructure was acting up again today. Being awake and having pushed an update out earlier, I decided to investigate. Seemed to be a case of one-way communication between nodes. We’ve seen that before. Even during this era, when it was supposed to be fixed. Luckily, troubleshooting tools exist. Sadly, they did nothing. So I had to try and dive even deeper into the thing.

Before he knew it, the boy had laid his hands on the sun. Damn near knocked it out of the sky, he did! Sweat formed on his forehead, not even because of the heat. Knocking the sun down wouldn’t be good, oh no, that’d mean the end of an era.

The sun swayed and spun, flickered off and on. But it calmed soon enough, and shone just a smidge brighter than before. The boy, burned hands and beating heart, wouldn’t dare be careless anymore.

Fuck devops is bad for my fragile little soul.
~ Fang

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