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Touch Fluffy Tail

At least it keeps us from walking in the wrong direction all the way.

Currently taking a break from fixing everything wrong with my baby the chat application to spend some time in system-level stuff. A change of pace, and an educational one at that. I really need to familiarize myself with these components more. They’re all really fundamental. That also means no single person is really authorized to make decisions about them though, it’s a group effort.

So a lot of my time is spent trying things out and then discussing the results with colleagues. Does this thing cover all the cases it needs to? Will we expand upon this now, or in the future? What’s the best approach here? Does that raise performance concerns?

Once you’re past that and have settled on some satisfactory answers you can really start rolling… until a discussion finds cause for continuance, or new questions get raised. While it’s nice to have some go-time to myself while the Americans are asleep, I do miss that feedback loop, on top of risking having to undo work based on the backlog of discussion points I build up.

We’re getting there though.
~ Fang

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