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21/01/2011 never forget
20 01 18

Straight past

Ah, the joys of getting onto the wrong train at night.

Not a lot of trains here ride into the deep hours of the night, most of the tracks remain empty from around midnight until the morning. So it wasn’t very smart of me to go and get on the wrong train. It did pass by my destination, but didn’t actually stop there. And when it did stop, the last train back had already left.

Train stations at night are really interesting. There’s still people there, it’s as calm as you’ll ever see it. People either hurrying to catch their last ride, or seeming to not care as much as they maybe should. I guess I fell into the later group, my dumb head deciding that one train looked good enough for a ride.

Almost got my ass stranded, but luckily I was able to hitch a ride.
~ Fang

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