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04 01 18

Steal hunt

Always at least try to look for a good deal on something.

Because sometimes it’s just ridiculously easy to find like a coupon code or discounted version somewhere, or even just discover the thing you’re in no real rush to buy goes on sale annually. It might save you 5%, it might save you 50%! As long as you don’t spend hours searching, anything you find is worth the effort.

Coupon websites have worked for me exactly once, and never again after. They’re either heavily outdated or appear to want to scam you. Product forums, on the other hand, are a treasure trove. You’d be surprised how into-it marketing departments can get. Just today I had the pleasure of discovering a coupon code, “did you really just share this on reddit”.

I’m not kidding, that was literally it. And it worked!
~ Fang

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