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18 01 18

Slowly faster

It’s hard to notice progress from one day to the next.

But thinking back to the earlier days, you’ll likely realize the difference is night and day. It’s been about a month now since I’ve started more seriously using the new keyboard, and my fingers seem to finally be getting used to how weird and different it all is. I’m nearing my original typing speed, and I think that once I stop making as many errors I can actually surpass my old records.

Slightly less noticeable, but definitely still an improvement, is my reading speed when it comes to Japanese Kana, their basic, phonetic alphabets. Most of the exposure I’ve gotten to them is through learning Kanji, the picture-words alphabet, so it probably could’ve gone faster had I actually started reading things already.

All in due time though. No brakes on the acceleration train.
~ Fang

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