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Five years?!
08 01 18


Stubborn idiot tries to learn something new.

I got this super cool brand new keyboard. Everything about it is absolutely great and I love it to bits. And yet I also have an old keyboard still on my desk. It’s not gathering dust either. I switch back to it whenever I need to bang something out quickly… or whenever I get frustrated with the difficulties I still occasionally run into on the new one. It’s not really helping.

The idea is that if you do a thing often, you’ll get better and better at it, right? And it’s true. I know it is. The more I use the new keyboard, the faster I get with it. But if I keep switching away from it for the more difficult stuff, I’m not gonna get any practice where I need it the most.

Maybe I should just remove the old keyboard from my desk entirely. Stop this bad habit from going any further.
~ Fang

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