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12 01 18

Proxy address

Apparently not a lot of people do this?

Mail servers allow you to set a catch-all address. If mail gets sent to an address that’s not in use, it redirects to the catch-all one. This way, you can give out arbitrary somethings@domain.tld, and still have all emails neatly delivered to you. And that’s a small boon for contactability I guess, but the real tip is way better.

We’ve all received spam before right? How did that malicious party get our addresses? We can’t really tell. Unless… we used a unique address every time we had to supply one. some-site@, other-account@, etc@. A little mark to show us the way in case of bad behavior. …And also so you can easily discard “dirtied” addresses.

Of course, that’s all quite a bit harder if you don’t have your own mail server (or, you know, a rented one), but not impossible. You just have to go through account creation for every new address. That’s a pain, I know, but that’ll eventually be alleviated by API-powered interfaces for everything.

So for, no bites.
~ Fang

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