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07 01 18


I don’t care what anyone says, My Hero Academia is a precious show and I will never stop being excited about it.

Currently trying to slowly do a second viewing of its second season in preparation for the third come April, but I’m having a hard time not absolutely devouring it. Right from the first few episodes when I discovered it, I was hooked. It’s a fun, vibrant take on the superhero battle genre that isn’t afraid to get its hands into serious subject matter. Still, it never stops brimming with good vibes and is always so much fun to watch!

The way they set up the first few arcs in the story is brilliant in how it gets the audience invested in the series. It’s all about our main character, establishing his origin story and getting us to buy into his struggles. Those struggles aren’t difficult to empathize with either: wanting to, but being unable to be a superhero. Secondary characters get some screentime, but they’re not really there yet.

In the very next season they are though! Once the show knows you’re on board, it gives its diverse and genuinely interesting cast a lot of room to shine. The class actually feels like one, people with their own unique personalities and motivations, and the dynamic that flows between them on a daily basis. It’s fun to see some cliques form, it’s even better when their borders start to blur.

I can write so much more about this show, since it does so many things right, but maybe I should continue shilling some other time.
~ Fang

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