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27 01 18

Full circle

On the validity of incomplete stories.

I have this phobia. This fear that, whenever I find a series that’s really interesting or fun to watch, it’ll turn into a ten-season steady decline towards absolute zero. I blame all the moneymakers for this, the producers and shot-callers that favor a few more pennies over the integrity of their work. And it has largely put me off long-running series.

And yet, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary that every story always be wrapped up super tidily? If it’s obvious they’re eager to keep the option of a hasty sequel available, then that’s definitely bad. But a story with loose ends? I’m not so sure. Of course tying every arc up into a coherent and straightforward conclusion is nice, but an “incomplete” end doesn’t immediately invalidate everything leading up to it.

If you do it right I’d be more than happy with character development, regardless of the overarching arc. But that’s it, you gotta do it right.
~ Fang

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