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23 01 18


Can we not make any Disney movie jokes here? Please and thank you.

There’s this mode of operation I enter whenever I fear what’s to come. Where I’d need to work hard to try and make the best of it, I instead become paralyzed by the burden of that realization. Need to do it well, need to not fuck up. Sounds like good ol’ fear of failure, I guess.

Wouldn’t at all be surprised if that’s what it actually is. FoF and I go way back. It actually took me a good three attempts to deliver my first book presentation back in primary school. Fun was different. But you have to, you know. There’s usually no way around it.

This time, it’s been too long since I last presented to an audience, but the subject matter is something I’m really passionate about too. Well, that’s just all the more reason to not mess up… But also a good sign that maybe it’ll actually be fun this time around.

Best I can do is not shake myself up too bad as the day approaches.
~ Fang

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