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They can do many things, the Faceless. Things most dream of.

These people, you see, have no face. And those who have no face can have no name. This poses a problem. In the land of society, a name is mandatory. Without a name, how does one conduct trade? Without a name, how does one report to the King? Without a name, how does one exist in the eyes of the scribe?
Indeed, a name, and so a face, is essential for participation in anything at all.

But the named, faced people do not always carry their name with pride. Their fathers may have dirtied it. Worse, they may have befouled their names themselves! A fate to be feared, that is certain. But the Faceless, they know no such fear. They have no names. Their crimes no place to be pegged, their shames no place to stick.

A depraved bunch, it makes them. Wouldn’t be able to tell one from the other, not by face, not by manners. Yet, their rampages do not bring society to its knees. Pokes at its flaws instead. For these people, without their fear of repercussion, stay honest and blunt. Can’t tell off, won’t call names. They will treat you as one their own. Judge purely by action, give your name an extra kick if it doesn’t match up. Relentless, savage, real.

This has been a post about anonymity.
~ Fang


  • 27/01/2018 (5:35 AM)

    I like it.

    On one hand, I’ve known a few well-known people over the years. Haven’t liked most of them very much. They spend a lot of time worried about maintaining their name.

    On the other hand, you have my former complete anonymity (or even false identity) online, which yes, left me free to say things I wouldn’t say and write now that it’s not tough to figure out who I am.

    Faces are overrated because people with faces write the history.

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