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Oh man, I get to be on the giving end of this for once.

A friend of mine has taken up running recently. (Jogging? It really is all just running though.) Of course I couldn’t help suggest we go at it together. I was still doing two of my three weekly runs solo, so I had room for more company. Of course, going by yourself allows for a more tailored experience. Screw that though, I want to help him stick to it!

And help him stick to it I will. He gave me permission to loudly bang on his door and literally pull him out of bed if need be. And I totally will, if that’s what it takes. No excuses for slacking when Fang’s on duty.

I don’t feel like I’m in super great shape, but at least I’ve been running for some time again now. My friend’s only just getting started, so it’s pretty tough on him. He’s actually mentioning issues similar to the ones I faced early on. Too bad I can’t tell him anything other than “run more” to resolve them…

We’ll get there though. I’ll make a running man out of him.
~ Fang

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