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06 01 18


I’m actually kind of amazed by how much of a standard the Xbox controllers have managed to become for PC gaming.

If you break it down though, it really isn’t all that surprising. The Xbox being a Microsoft product, support for using its controllers in Windows being not non-existent was the smart move. In a PC controller landscape that was largely fragmented with no real “winner” to point to, there were plenty of cracks for the Xbox controllers to fill.

That ball gets rolling quickly. Xbox owners use their controllers for PC gaming, The Xbox controllers become the majority through that userbase alone. And let’s face it, they’re just really nice controllers too, so word of mouth helps them out. “You can just hook it up with a dongle?” “Works out of the box?” Consider me sold.

Hell, people are still buying 360 controllers instead of the ones for One, because they’re just so widely supported.
~ Fang

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