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31 01 18


You have been visited by PowerPoint, the Enabler of Words. Good fortune and jam-packed slides will come to you, but only if you comment “thanks PowerPoint” below.

Honestly, I think I’ve actually ranted about some people’s terrible use of presentation slides before. But hey, it’s topical again, at least for me personally, so why not give it another go? Let’s approach things a bit differently this time and propose that there are three categories of presentation slides. The first, of course, is the slide that is literally just the presentation contents, word for word. Need I say more?

A category up from that we find the luckily more common kind. Slides that are still mostly words, maybe a diagram here or there, that serve as section markers and summaries of what’s being told. These don’t often deviate from the default slide layout that most applications set you up with. Ultimately, these are fairly harmless, but also sub-optimal compared to the third category.

Here we find slide decks that have only a handful of words per slide. Not for minimalism’s sake, but because they say what they need to say visually. The content they contain either supports the speaker’s words by illustrating their ideas, or provides additional details that weren’t important enough to make it into the speaker’s story.

I’m going to try my best to fit firmly within the third category. Being able to put some minor details in there for further explanation will really help me stay within my timeslot.
~ Fang

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