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31 01 18


You have been visited by PowerPoint, the Enabler of Words. Good fortune and jam-packed slides will come to you, but only if you comment “thanks PowerPoint” below.

Honestly, I think I’ve actually ranted about some people’s terrible use of presentation slides before. But hey, it’s topical again, at least for me personally, so why not give it another go? Let’s approach things a bit differently this time and propose that there are three categories of presentation slides. The first, of course, is the slide that is literally just the presentation contents, word for word. Need I say more?

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30 01 18

Sum of the parts

Hmm, I actually really like WaniKani’s approach to breaking down Japanese.

For those unfamiliar with moon runes, most of the words are written using characters inherited from Chinese. These are the ones that can get real complex and have full, valid meanings even when not combined with other characters. These aren’t just chicken scratch though, they’re actually made up of small (and sometimes nearly unrecognizable) components, so-called radicals.

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29 01 18


What I really mean to say is “overwoke”, but that’s not really a word, much less something people know the meaning of.

There really should be a word for staying up too late. If “sleeping too long” can get one, than so should this. It’s the worse thing to do, too, as overwaking can lead to oversleeping much more often than the reverse.

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28 01 18

Closing in

Fucking WordPress ate my post when I tried to submit it, so I’ll keep it short.

Only a short week before it’s time. Time for me to walk on stage at FOSDEM and fill 15 minutes by talking about Urbit. I’ve done some preparations for it today. Mostly just pulling together travel and accommodation. I’m taking a friend with me, so I have to be sure to set us up right.

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27 01 18

Full circle

On the validity of incomplete stories.

I have this phobia. This fear that, whenever I find a series that’s really interesting or fun to watch, it’ll turn into a ten-season steady decline towards absolute zero. I blame all the moneymakers for this, the producers and shot-callers that favor a few more pennies over the integrity of their work. And it has largely put me off long-running series.

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