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What happens to all those abandoned worlds, where there’s no one to turn their gears anymore.

There is a strange sense of loss to be felt for all the times when a writer has stopped pushing a story forward. Be this a completed story or not, or even a more broad worldbuilding project. Their creator has forsaken them, left them to experience a very finite timeline until forever.

Wars left undecided, fates of peoples uncertain, lives in endless jeopardy, unmended relations, towers half-built, meals never finished, never digested. That final period, that last dot of ink, seals it all in for good.

Do creatives have a moral obligation to take care of their creations until they’re self-sufficient? Should they? This sounds like it could use some planned parenthood kind of program.

Not to mention, the cracks of incompleteness are where fan-fiction thrives.
~ Fang


  • 29/12/2017 (2:58 AM)

    I always feel cheated when there’s a unique voice or unique mind that quits. Just quits. There are music artists I treat like that: How dare they! Don’t they know they have a responsibility as the owner of their voice?

    On the other hand, they’re people. You lose interest in something and you can’t do your best work, or maybe you’re just done.There’s nothing else there to mine.

    Good showmen know when to leave ’em wanting more…

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