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21 12 17

Up to speed

I’ve barely spent any time on my new keyboard today.

Typing this blog post on it is a small attempt at salvation, but deep down I know I should just be using the thing more. Problem is, I also still have work to do. Regular old text writing on this thing is alright, if a little bit slow. Programming work on the other hand, well, that’s a whole different beast.

There’s so much still missing on the different custom layers I have on this thing. The symbol-layer is pretty half-baked and should probably be tested against some Hoon code, or maybe even recreated entirely. The new syntax is going to put a lot more focus on a few characters, so they probably deserve special places. And then there’s text navigation and editing shortcuts, which I have precisely zero of right now.

So much to thy out, so much to improve!
~ Fang

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