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09 12 17

Under the radar

Because I don’t have fly-eyes.

There’s so many little oversights in the code I put into the latest release. Nothing that makes it break badly, but definitely big annoyances still. Some of these I could swear I tested, some of these I simply dropped the ball. On their own, they’re not that bad even, but when you have an active community suddenly touching the thing from every angle possible, it all shows at once.

Of course you can’t account for everything. We currently just don’t have an adequate substitute for “we’ll test it live”. The community’s great about it though, showing appreciation for new and improved functionality and gently yelling at us when they start seeing cracks.

It’s a bummer issues exist in the first place. The experience of seeing the fix get pushed out definitely compensates a bit. When you see the little notification, and people in chat remarking they got it too. It’s great that we’re able to do that, it can keep the feedback loop really tight.

Tomorrow, we continue the fight!
~ Fang

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