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Treading softly

Now that the pressure is off (well, at least a little bit) I’ve finally had some time to work with my new keyboard.

The reviews were right, this thing is definitely an adventure. Only a few days in and I’m already using the sixteenth revision of the custom layout I’ve made for it. Haven’t even done much with symbol characters yet, go figure. The new layout isn’t the hardest part about using this properly though.

The mechanical keyswitches this came with are an absolute joy to type on, but years of using shitty keyboards has taught me to always push every key as far down as it can go, and not caring for how much force it can take. That turns out to be actually pretty bad, ergonomically speaking.

These keys trigger about halfway down, and have a very subtle tactile bump to tell you when the press registers. Ideally, you push it over the bump, but not as far down as it can go. This saves your fingers some extra energy and avoids the impact of “bottoming out”.

That’s harder to do than it sounds though, especially if you’re trying to maintain decent typing speed.
~ Fang

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