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The season for, uh, getting comfy?

As much as I wish we had a cold and cozy Christmas, it’s really not. Sure, it’s cold out, but not “let’s go explore the winter wonderland and then huddle up by the hearth” kinds of cold. But hey, it’s nearly the current year plus one, so who knows what kind of weather to expect anymore.

There’s other kinds of comfy to be experienced though. We visited my grandparents today, it was great getting to see them again. I continue to be amazed by the fact that, save for a few minor details, their house remains untouched by time. Eventually, not many people will surround themselves with that kind of decor anymore, so it’s cool to see it “in the wild” now.

Have you said hi to friends and family yet?
~ Fang


  • 26/12/2017 (3:23 PM)

    Glad you got to see your people.

    It is surprisingly cold here right now. I ended up getting pretty sick the day before Christmas Eve, but I got to see my people the day before that, so it was not a bad weekend, overall.

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