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If there is a god, it has forsaken me.

I was typing a great post just now. About the emptiness of waking up from a dream and realizing none of it actually happened. Fuck, I was so pleased with it to. Only had a closing paragraph to write, and I’d be good. But then I made a typo, fudged my fingers around on the new keyboard, and backspaced out of the page.

“It’s okay,” I thought. “WordPress dynamically saves, right?” I was many things. Good writer might have briefly been one of them, but right I most certainly was not. I tried going forward again, but the text field way empty. Everything, blank again. Apparently pressing backspace on Firefox’s “are you sure you wanna discard your form input” popup confirms it. What’s the fucking point of asking then?

I think I’m just gonna not wake up tomorrow. (Update: I’m just a dummy, of course this was saved into WordPress drafts.)
~ Fang

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