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It’s been only a few weeks, and I’m already starting to get used to typing on the new keyboard. Amazing!

I have no idea how people manage to properly touch-type on keyboards with staggered rows. Having spent some time with an ortholinear layout, which puts the keys in a grid, keeping your hands above home-row makes so much more sense on it! Thinking about key positions and the ways in which to bend your fingers is no longer an actually difficult task. Not having to do that bending in the first place relieves you of so much physical stress.

The power of a programmable keyboard is also starting to make itself apparent. No more struggling to reach punctuation keys or taking your sweet time with a weird key combo. Just hold down your thumb and hit a key close to home-row. It’s so much faster, even though I’m still memorizing them.

Definitely not back up to my old WPM, but definitely getting there. Probably around 40% currently? Lots of shortcuts I don’t quite have down yet though. Sometimes it’s difficult to do things properly when you know a less efficient but currently faster way.

100+ WPM here we come!
~ Fang

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