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Perfect pitch

Why do quick pitches for things in similar fields always converge on a shared, terrible format and style?

You know that joke that goes “it’s like X but for Y”? That’s no joke. That’s over half the fucking pitches for startups you’ll ever encounter. And it’s terrible. Those always come off to me as super cheesy and not convincing at all, it’s literally admitting that you just cobbled some ideas together.

But maybe I’m being a bit harsh. Other kinds of pitches are just as bad. “Does X with Y while Z” and “It’s an X and a Y, which provides Z” are all very ones as well. I guess that because of their brevity, pitches are more likely to follow similar structures to each other? Still, I’ve read these so often for terrible ideas now that they just immediately get flagged in my brain as bad.

Someone pitch me an innovative pitch format.
~ Fang

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