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Man, this year sure was a ride, wasn’t it?

A lot happened, that’s for sure. Where do I even begin? I suppose chronological order is the only logical option here. I wrapped up my graduation internship at the start of the year, and did so well enough to actually graduate! Out of the frying pan I was, and into the fire of “the real world” I went. It didn’t live up to my hopes and dreams though, and Urbit was still there… So only like a month or two after starting, I quit my steady job to work for some crazy startup!

The rest really still feels like recent history. I had my trial period, visited them in San Francisco, went on cool hikes and met many really cool people. It was wonderful, and makes me kind of sad it’ll be so long before I get to go back again.

Back in the Netherlands though, we (sort of) successfully launched a huge piece of software I had worked on. The frantic fire-fighting that followed really is an experience like no other.
And I haven’t even mentioned all the other insane shit that went down this year, like crypto, or politics. 2018 promises to double-up on all this!

I hope you all had a wonderful year. May the next one be even better!
~ Fang

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