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At midnight (my time) exactly, the current Urbit network went down. The end of an era, for that edition of the network is no more. Good news is, this was planned. Even better news is, we’re getting a bunch of sweet updates! Maybe not the most significant, but definitely one of the bigger bullet points in the so-called “new talk”. That is, the new and improved version of the Urbit chat application, which I spent the last half year developing!

Currently trying to stay up so that I can hop onto the new network once it goes live and chat with people using that shiny and new version for a little bit. Its fifteen minutes past my usual bedtime now, and not a peep as of yet. I have my hopes up though, so I’ll stick it out for a little bit more.

I’ve said it before, it’s going to be great seeing this finally get into the hands of the people. It’s going to be easier to build things on top of this now, and I knew a few people have projects that got put on hold because of these impending changes, so let’s see what they all come up with!

~zod is dead. Long live ~zod!
~ Fang

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