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Discard what you know. Abandon what you feel.

Free will? Did you skip primary school or something? Surely you know we’re all just automatons, powered by a beating and pulsating magical core? An individual’s perception and sense of self are just illusions caused by the flow of akak being bound by their veins, rather than freely throughout the world. Bleeding is a blissful experience, letting you briefly unite with the world around you before depriving your core of the high akak pressure it needs to function.

Honestly, at this point I’m just seeing how far I can take the heart/blood theme before it starts getting stupid. I’m building a world for my dream game, where you can eat the hearts of monsters to gain their powers. It’s as metal as it sounds, but I’m trying to give it a slightly more mystical, spiritual spin. Feel like that’d complement it well, as long as I can avoid it becoming too primal.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting a better grasp on the rhyme and reason of that world.
~ Fang

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