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Nearly stable

Or, you know, stable enough to not fall over on the daily.

For as big a release as the reworked Urbit chat application is, it sure didn’t explode people’s computers very hard. It’s messing up, no doubt about that, but it has yet to force us to boot the entire network anew. In fact, all issues so far have been fixable with over-the-air updates, which is a pretty neat feat of itself.

I guess you can tell I’ve been busy with dousing the few flames that did erupt. Posts getting shorter and shorter. Not to mention a more continuous focus on “that Urbit stuff” than ever before. It’s tough to get your mind off these things when you’re so deeply entrenched in them. Maybe I should start planning in more time before bed to unwind and uncouple my brain from the problems I’ve been working on.

Maybe next week. I expect I’ll continue to be busy putting out minor fires for the rest of the week.
~ Fang

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