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The floorboards creak under its weight, alerting me to its presence.

Like clockwork it has come again. Same time, same day. Though a crack in the doorway I can see it pass, sneaking around the house. The white pattern on its fur gives it a medieval kind of look. I shouldn’t be thinking about it like that though, its eerily human features are clearly part of its hunting skills.

…I say that, but it only ever wanders aimlessly. We dare not let it see us, who knows what it might do then… Better to let it do what it must so it can move on to the neighboring house quickly. You don’t want it in your home when it lets out a series of glass-shattering shouts. Usually three, but the truly unlucky get even more.

And yet, some people are starting to celebrate the red-white behemoth’s arrival.

~ Fang

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