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14 12 17

Fallen plans

I remember thinking that I might actually get to bed on time today.

But of course “alright, it’s 1 AM, let me wrap this up” means you spend over an hour wrapping up. Because you always do. Everything always takes longer than you budget for it, even if you budget double the amount of time it actually takes. And then once you’ve finally finished wrapping it up, there’s still all these other things you wanted to do after wrapping up and it just piles on and on.

Is there a secret to going to bed in time rather than working deep into the night? No. You literally just have to stop and call it a day when you need to. Taking care of yourself is important. But leaving unfinished or unwrapped work dangling can be super inefficient, and not making that a problem for future you is also taking care of yourself.

Will I ever learn? Probably not. Tomorrow’s Friday though, I’d rather not spend the night working on Friday.
~ Fang


  • 15/12/2017 (3:51 AM)

    I need to stop working early if I am going to get any sleep at night. I try not to start anything so late in the day that I won’t be able to finish or leave off early.

    I used to go late, though, and I generally regretted it.

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